The Good Stuff Review

The Good Stuff Review

For any long time followers, you know that I care a lot about finding products that are natural yet effective. There are so many chemicals in the products here in the US that are literally banned in other countries. That really freaks me out I’m trying hard to find products that don’t contain those suspect chemicals. When I first heard of The Good Stuff products, I was excited because they don’t have sulfates, parabens, or dyes. Whenever products are marketed as ‘natural’, though, I’m always skeptical of how effective they’ll be. I was SO surprised and happy because The Good Stuff is REALLY effective on top of being a ‘natural’ brand!

As background, my hair type is straight and silky with fine strands, which means that it gets oily quickly. I wash my hair every second day, but it definitely starts to look oily by day two, unfortunately. My hair is also color treated; I get it highlighted in the summer and I dye it a bit darker in winter. Based on this, I figured that the line’s Color Protect Milk was the best no-rinse conditioner for me. There’s only one type of shampoo in this line, so that part was simple!

In terms of actually using the shampoo and no-rinse conditioners in this line, it’s really straightforward. The shampoo is used in the standard way- lather up & rinse out. The conditioners are a little different, but still straightforward. You towel dry your hair after your shower, then rub in the conditioner from the middle of the strands to the bottom. Think of it like moisturizer or lotion for your hair.


My thoughts are that it smells great and my hair feels really clean after using! I definitely think it was equally as effective as other shampoos I’ve used, despite the fact that it doesn’t contain sulfates, dyes, etc.


Okay, so first off, this conditioner smells so good. Have you ever had that experience where you notice that someone smells distinctly great, but it’s clearly the scent of one of their hair products, not a perfume/fragrance? I feel like these conditioners have that scent. It’s this scent that’s clean and light and fresh and I love it! I definitely think I’m about to become that girl who smells good all the time.

Besides the amazing scent, I love that the color protectant conditioner I’ve opted for is not at all greasy or oily. I was a little nervous about not rinsing out the conditioner, but it’s so light and not at all sticky or heavy. I was a little stingy with it at first, but after rubbing it in to my hair, I realized that it absorbs really well! Now I use 5-6 pumps for my long hair. Once my hair dries, it feels light and moisturized, but it doesn’t feel like there is any product in it at all, which I love.


I’m a huge fan of The Good Stuff! I think I’ve found the hair care line that is a bit more natural than a lot of the other products on the market, but still really effective! I also love that they’re SO affordable because I’m a student and am not about to shell out $20+ on shampoo. These conditioners are around $8, which is such a good deal!

If you’re interested in the line, you can shop it at Target here:

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