A Review of Some Natural Nail Polishes

A Review of Some Natural Nail Polishes

Med school has ruined my ability to enjoy getting a manicure. I used to love getting my nails done, but now all I can think of when I enter a nail salon is how the fumes are killing my lungs and how it’s insane that sticking your hands under UV light for a gel manicure is considered a normal thing to do.

Some time during this year, I began looking for healthier alternatives, but I wasn’t optimistic. I’ve tried my share of natural/organic/’healthy’ beauty products over the years, but I feel like natural alternatives are never as effective as potent yet un-natural products. When I began searching for less toxic nail polishes, I read tons of reviews and decided to give three brands a try.

It seems like there are 5-free, 7-free, 9-free, and 10-free nail polishes, each of which are free from 5, 7, 9, or 10 harmful chemicals respectively. 10-free is the best, obviously. Then there are non-toxic polishes, which seem to be formulated for children. I didn’t try any of those out for this review, but I remember using some as a child, and you could literally peel the entire polish off your nail like a sticker, so I knew that wasn’t something I wanted. I wanted polish that would be shiny for a long time and that wouldn’t chip easily, even though I was trying to find less toxic polishes. I tried out Zoya, Mineral Fusion, and Ella + Mila polishes for 7 days each.



This was the best polish I tried by far. I couldn’t really even tell a difference between this and the Essie or OPI polishes I usually use. It lasted just as long, and looked shiny the entire week I had it on my nails, so even though it is 10-free (free of 10 harmful chemicals present in normal polishes), I didn’t feel like the staying power was reduced at all. See before and after photo below.


Mineral Fusion Nail Polish

I feel like this polish chipped more than Zoya, but less than Ella + Mila. It is 5-free, and I’ve been using it for a while. I’m not sure if this one chipped so much because I’ve had it for six months, whereas the Zoya and Ella + Mila were newer, but I feel like it has always chipped this much. See before and after photo below.


Ella + Mila

This 7-free polish chipped the most from any of the ones I tried. When I have it on my toenails, it lasts forever, but on my fingers, it chips off more easily than most polishes I’ve tried! The color looked gorgeous on- I liked the shade the most of the three. It was also the shiniest, I think, despite the fact that it chipped a lot. The customer service for this company was also amazing, though, I have to admit. I will probably give them another chance and pick another shade. Maybe a more opaque shade will have more staying power. See before and after photo below.

So yeah, there you have it. If you have any recommendations or feedback, please let me know via email or in the comments below! Also, if you would like for me to continue doing such posts, follow me on Insta and subscribe to my email list below (or on the right if you are using a computer) <3

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