Lazy Girl Tips & Tricks (Fashion)

Lazy Girl Tips & Tricks (Fashion)

Revive an old sweater or jacket

I love my cashmere and wool items, and I try to take really good care of them. Besides hand washing those items, I also used a pill comb to get rid of that pilly stuff that makes clothing look old and ragged. The pill comb linked here is AMAZING. See an example before and after:






















Get Wrinkle-free clothing in under a minute

This is something I never really appreciated until recently, but having smooth, wrinkle-free clothing plays a huge role in how an outfit looks over all. Even the nicest clothes can look old and dirty if they’re wrinkled up, so I recently bought a small steamer and it is AMAZING. It is SO much easier to use than a traditional iron, and it gets all the wrinkles out in 30 seconds. Since I take so many outfit photos for the ‘gram, this has come in handy for me so much, and has saved me so much time! It’s so small, and I highly recommend it making your outfits look a bit more polished and put together.