Koi Scrubs Review

Koi Scrubs Review

For the last few months, I’ve been a Koi Ambassador, meaning I’ve gotten to try out a lot of their scrubs. Today, I’m sharing my thoughts on the scrubs, and will separate this review into three categories- material, style, and fit.


So to start off, the material of the scrubs is perfect, in my opinion. I like that the scrubs aren’t just made of cotton, because cotton absorbs everything, and that’s not ideal when it comes to scrubs. The material is great at wicking away sweat from the inside, and doesn’t absorb water readily from the outside, giving it a slightly waterproof feel. The material is also really comfortable and breathable.

I wore these scrubs to anatomy lab, and I LOVED that they didn’tĀ hold on to the scent of formaldehyde (among other scents) the way my leggings and some of my other scrubs did. I never thought about it before, but the whole scent factor is an important consideration when picking scrubs, so I’m glad my Koi scrubs don’t hold on to smells!


Let me start by saying that I love the neck line of the Koi scrub tops! Some of them actually remind me a little bit of my South Asian clothes. I like the asymmetrical neck lines a lot, so

Koi wins points there. The pant styles are pretty standard, since there’s not as much room to play around, and I like the way they look. Over all, I like all the styles of the solid print scrubs. They are stylish while still looking like scrubs (aka it’s clear that I didn’t forget to wear scrubs, even though they are way more stylish than hospital scrubs). I’m not into floral prints and stuff like that, so if I’m sticking to solid colors, Koi is an amazing brand for me!


The Koi tops fit really well on me, and I loved wearing them. They’re probably my favorite scrub tops I’ve tried! Pants fit well at the waist and hips for sure, but not as well down the rest of my leg. My legs are just so skinny that every pair of scrub pants looks like I’m wearing wide leg pants, and that applied to Koi scrubs too. It’s not a bad look, honestly, since scrubs are supposed to be a little loose. But I guess I need some sort of skinny fit scrub pants in order for the pants to look more like a straight leg.

Overall, I really like the Koi scrubs, and they are very flattering on me. If you take a look at the sizing chart before ordering, I think it’s pretty easy to get a great fitting pair of scrubs. Koi is definitely one of my favorite scrub brands, and I’ll continue using them throughout my career!