My Experience with Intermittent Fasting

A month ago, I mentioned on one of my Instagram posts that I started intermittent fasting because I hurt my back a bit and wasn’t able to work out for a while. I’m going to share my experiences with a month of intermittent fasting (IF), but to begin, intermittent fasting isn’t a diet- you’re not focused on calorie restricting. Rather, it’s an eating style where you eat within a specific time period, and fast the rest of the time. During your fast, you can still have water, tea, and coffee (without cream or sugar), though.

What I did

For my month of IF, I fasted 14-16 hours a day. During week days, I allowed myself to eat between noon and 8 PM. On weekends, this schedule got shifted a bit later. For the first three weeks, I completely stopped exercising so that my back would heal. The last week or so, I began working out again, but using lighter weights than before I got hurt.

My experience

Overall, my experience was AMAZING, and this is the one eating plan that I think I’ll use forever. I’m a late night snacker, and that’s when I eat my junk food, so fasting from 8 PM to 12 noon prevented me from doing that, which was amazing.  Since I was only eating for 8 hours a day, I would eat a healthy lunch and dinner, and maybe one or two small snacks. By the time I had gotten through those foods, it was 8 PM and I had to stop eating for the day, and I basically stopped consuming junk food altogether. While I wasn’t fasting, I didn’t worry too much about eating less or cutting carbs or anything like that. I was eating what I wanted for all 8 hours, and then stopped altogether after 8 PM.

My stats

In terms of my progress, I’m not going to share my specific weight, BMI, etc., but I will share the change in these stats that I saw from day 1 to day 30.

Weight: decreased by 2.6 lb

BMI: decreased by .5

Body fat %: decreased by .8 % (yay!)

Muscle % : increased by .3 % (probably because my body fat went down, not because I gained muscle)

Water weight %: increased by .6%

I’m really happy with this, especially since the only statistic I really care about is body fat percentage. I’m not trying to lose weight or decrease my BMI- in fact, I’d be happy to gain weight if it’s muscle. I definitely plan to continue IF, at least during all weekdays.


Overall, I highly recommend intermittent fasting if you are a late night snacker like me, and if you eat most of your unhealthy food after dinner. If your problem is that you eat unhealthy food for your main meals, then IF won’t help you. If your problem is that you eat unhealthy snacks, IF will probably help because you have a limited time in the day during which you can eat all your meals, so you won’t be able to eat as many snacks as you were before. They say abs are made in the kitchen, and I 100% believe it, especially after I stopped working out for so long and saw a decrease in body fat percentage and increase in muscle percentage. I know people who have said that IF is what helped them lose weight after having babies, so I definitely think there’s something about this eating plan that works wonders.


Thank you for reading!



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