How I’m Trying to Improve My Posture

How I’m Trying to Improve My Posture

It’s December, and this year, I’m trying to get a head start on my goals for 2019. I feel like you can/should set goals any time that it makes sense to (not just at the start of a new year), but it’s kind of nice that everyone tends to re-evaluate what they want to improve on in December/January. Among plenty of other things, one of my goals is to improve my posture a bit, so I’ve been using the UPRIGHT GO posture trainer, and I’m going to share my experience.

For context, the way it works is that you stick a small device on to your upper back, which tracks your posture. The device syncs with an app on your phone, and you can view analytics on your posture in the app. There are two ‘modes’ for the trainer- tracking mode and training mode.

App + Trainer

Training Mode

In this mode, the trainer will vibrate whenever you slouch, thus prompting you to correct your posture. When I was using training mode, I felt like the trainer was constantly vibrating- goes to show how bad my posture was. Even when I thought I was upright, sometimes the trainer would buzz because I was slightly hunched at the top near my shoulders.

I wouldn’t use the trainer when going in to a clinical setting because I could see it being distracting when talking to patients. For now, I only use it when I’m in the class room or library. BUT, the ‘goal’ it sets for you to keep the training mode on is 9 minutes at first. That’s really not very long, so you really can use it in a professional setting, especially if it’s not your first day on the job.

Tracking Mode

After you meet your goal for the training mode, the trainer will go to tracking mode. Tracking mode will give you information on how much you slouch, but won’t vibrate and nudge you to sit up straight. You do have an option to keep the trainer in training mode for longer than the ‘goal’ time it sets for you. It would obviously be beneficial to use the training mode for as long as possible.

Overall Opinion

The device itself is really small, cute, and easy to use! The app is also very user friendly, and I’m a big fan of having access to my analytics. I do think UPRIGHT GO can be annoying at first because it will keep pinging you to sit up straight every singly time you slouch (in the training mode). If you have really bad posture, you’ll notice that it vibrates every 30 seconds because you keep slouching. It’s not the trainer’s fault- it just goes to show how bad my posture was. I’ve heard this from others as well, though. Once you start to slowly break the bad habit of slouching, you’ll notice that UPRIGHT GO vibrates less and less. You just have to stick with it for more than a week, and you’ll see big changes in your posture.

I don’t recommend using UPRIGHT GO during your first week at a new job or if you are just starting school, as you will probably want to focus on learning new tasks and information, rather than on sitting straight. The constant vibrating that happens in the training mode can get to be annoying, and it’s best if you are working in a library or coffee shop or at home, rather than speaking with clients/patients/etc. Also, it’s best if you are sitting and walking rather than bending down constantly, so that may be a limiting factor for some people as well. Finally, I recommend not using the trainer on days you’ll be in really high temperatures and physically active, as sweat will make the trainer/adhesive fall off (sorry if that is gross, but it’s the truth haha).

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