Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome!

Thanks for tuning in with me!

It feels so weird to be writing a blog post…I feel like every other person has a blog these days, so I’m kinda rolling my eyes at myself right now. Still, though, I think it’s important to have a permanent home on the Internet. I share a lot about my life on Insta, but I think it’s way easier to share longer form content on a blog. I fell into Instagramming during my senior year at Princeton University, mostly focusing on fashion. As I graduated and started medical school, I began receiving numerous DMs about university and medical school admissions. Instagram DMs are limited to 500 characters, and I’m not exactly the most concise person around, so I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts on school, fashion, and life here in a longer format.

Additionally, I think it’s really important for physicians to use social media (and the Internet in general) to make sure that their voices are heard, There is so much misinformation out there, and it’s so easy for companies and influencers to straight up lie to consumers about health related information. I guess I just think it would be great if there were physicians out there who had a voice and a reach as widespread as, say Kim K. That way, when companies and influencers try to misinform the public, physicians could shut that down, and you wouldn’t need a huge lawsuit to happen and make headlines in order for people to realize that hey…XYZ detox tea/waist trainer/healing crystals/etc. is actually kinda a scam.

I’m not a physician yet, but I will be in a few years, and I definitely plan on being a physician who informs my sphere of influence about what is and isn’t legit. Since most of my audience is female, I’m going to begin researching and discussing popular beauty/wellness/health products and services, and exploring whether they are safe/healthy/etc., and looking for alternatives if not. This will be under the ‘The Price of Beauty’ tab above. If you have any suggestions or things you want to hear about, hit the ‘Contact’ tab above and let me know!

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